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Real Sharks HD Live Wallpaper

1.5 usd

This live wallpaper is by far the best real shark HD footage made into a live video background for your Android phone. These sharks are not in aquariums, they are live and in the wild blue ocean.Some of the sharks are shown feeding, others are cruising the reef or at the top of the water in the sun light.
We do not use OpenGL, we use real HD footage. If you are looking for a more cheesy computer generated background please try something else!
No sharks or wildlife were hurt in the creating of this app.
*This app does not work on all devices.*Known issues with:
This is a live wallpaper and not a game.
To install it, from the home screen, press menu, wallpaper, live wallpaper, and select Real Sharks HD.
**Be sure to change the settings to optimize for your device!**
Please report problems and devices to
tags: black tip, great white, sea snake, coral reef, nurse, tiger, bull